A Lawrence Welk Christmas

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Wunnerful Stars

No television show, no musical number, no live entertainment of any kind can truly succeed without quality people behind it. The Lawrence Welk Show, and its many recordings and videos, was no exception. Over the years, Lawrence attracted some of the very best talent that America had to offer. He demanded - and got - the best in the business. Here is a look at some of the stars who have participated in Lawrence Welk's Christmas productions.

Curt Ramsey's Champagne Quintet (Vocal)


Norma Zimmer (Vocal)
Champagne Lady since 1960, was born on July 13, 1923 in Larson, Idaho. She started out in showbiz with various choral groups and bit singing parts in ...Read More


Jimmy Roberts (Vocal)
Vocalist was born April 6, 1924 in Madisonville, KY. As a young man, while pursuing a singing career....he did a stint as a GI, and worked in a auto p...Read More


Lawrence Welk Orchestra


Lennon Sisters (Vocals)
The date was December 24, 1955....television history was made when four talented young sisters made their debut appearance on the Lawrence Welk Show. ...Read More


Ralna English (Vocal)
Vocalist since 1969, was born in Haskell, Texas on June 19, 1942. Before joining the show first as a soloist, and later one half of "Guy & Ralna," had...Read More


Dick Dale (Vocal)
Saxophonist and vocalist, born September 14, 1926 in Algona, Iowa. Joined Welk in 1951 playing the sax and appearing in several music numbers as a sol...Read More


Myron Floren (Accordion)
Accordionist and LW's right hand man, was born in Roslyn, South Dakota on November 5, 1919. He joined Lawrence's Champagne Music Makers in 1950 and si...Read More


Jo Ann Castle (Honky-Tonk Piano)
Honky-tonk piano player from 1959 to 1969, was born September 3, 1940 in Bakersfield, CA. At a young age, learned to play the piano and developed a wi...Read More


Clay Hart (Vocal)
Guitarist and featured country singer, was born July 1st in Providence, RI. Talented at an young age, he sang and played his way in various groups and...Read More


Lawrence Welk Singers


Joe Feeney (Vocal)
Irish tenor...was born in Grand Island, NE on August 14, 1931. He studied music at St. Benedict's College in Atchinson, KS where he appeared in many c...Read More


Steve Smith (Vocal)


Charlotte Harris (Cello)
Featured cellist was born in Oak Park IL on April 29, 1931. As a teenager, her natural talents as a cello player had landed her gigs in symphony orche...Read More


Sandi Jensen (Vocal)
Born on August 1, 1946 and grew up in SoCal's San Fernando Valley. Made first TV appearance in kindergarden on Art Linkletter's "House Party" program....Read More


Salli Flynn (Vocal)
Singer also known as Sally Hart, was born in Ontario, OR on July 23, 1946 to a large family of brothers and sisters. Joined the Welk program in 1968 w...Read More


Tanya Falan Welk (Vocal)
Vocalist born May 4, 1949 in Glendale, CA. Extremely talented at a young age, by the time she reached high school...Tanya could play the drums, sing a...Read More


Larry Hooper (Vocal)
Versitile musician and vocalist was born July 22, 1916 in rural Missouri. He joined the Welk band in 1948 when they were doing nighters at the Rooseve...Read More


Bob Lido (Vocal)
Fiddler, vocalist and comic was born September 21st in Jersey City, NJ. Talented since he was a youngster....Bob started out locally with bands, doing...Read More


Lawrence Welk's Twin Harpsichords


Joe Livoti (Violin)


Natalie Nevins (Vocal)


Sparklers (Vocals)


Bob Ralston (Organ)
Bob Ralston is probably best known for his 40 years as pianist/organist/arranger with the Lawrence Welk Orchestra. Reruns of that beloved TV show are ...Read More


Lawrence Welk Glee Club (Vocals)


Frank Scott (Harpsichord)


Tom Netherton


Lawrence Welk


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