A Lawrence Welk Christmas

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Charlotte Harris (Cello)


Featured cellist was born in Oak Park IL on April 29, 1931. As a teenager, her natural talents as a cello player had landed her gigs in symphony orchestras in Chicago and San Antonio. Joining the Welk orchestra in 1961....she earned the distinction of being the only full-time female member of the Music Makers. Known as "Charlie" by her colleagues...in addition to working in the band's instrumental arrangements...also did duets with Bob Ralston on organ...and usually took part in the girls chorus numbers in several acts. Left the show in 1978 to look after her two daughters, Charlotte and Catherine. Today...she is married to Edwin Deveny, and teaches a new generation of cellists around her residence of Palos Verdes, CA.

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Featured Performer On:

Thanks for Christmas

  -  22 Merry Christmas Favorites - CD
  -  Merry Christmas from Lawrence Welk - LP

Gesu Bambino

  -  Merry Christmas from Lawrence Welk - LP

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