A Lawrence Welk Christmas

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The following is a sampling of some of the more relevant Lawrence Welk related web sites that we feel might be of interest to you as a Welk fan. If you know of a relevant site that is not listed here, please let us know. Please Note: Each link opens in a separate browser window.

Bob Ralston - The Official Web Site

Guy Hovis - The Official Web Site

Jo Ann Castle - The Official Web Site

Joe Feeney - The Official Web Site
Web site for Joe and Chris Feeney, America's Favorite Tenors

Lawrence Welk - The Official Web Site
This site is under construction as of November, 2003. The official launch date has not yet been determined.

Lawrence Welk Gift Shop

Lawrence Welk Mailing List

Lawrence Welk Show Fan Club

Planet Welk

Ralna English - The Official Web Site

Ranwood Records - The Official Web Site

Stars of The Lawrence Welk Show

The Welk Resort

The Welk Resort Branson

Tom Netherton - The Official Web Site

Welk Music Group

Welk Musical Family

Yahoo! Discussion Group

Additional Links

I know, I know, I've always said that this site would be devoted exclusively to Lawrence Welk and related sites. However, here are a few sites that are so outstanding they just have to be included here. And yes, you can find some Lawrence Welk Christmas music at some of them.

A Christmas Yule Blog
Another great blog with loads of Christmas LP/45/78 shares.

Christmas Reviews
This site is dedicated to reviewing new Christmas music, from the popular to the obscure. It's a great way to discover new Christmas music and new artists!

Ernie (Not Bert)
Great blog with boatloads of out-of-print Christmas LP/45/78 shares and lots of other goodies throughout the year.

Falalalala.com - Preserving the Memories of Christmas Vinyl Past
This is one of the finest sites of any type that I've come across. If you love Christmas music, especially old, long-out-of-print Christmas music from the middle of the last century, you must visit this site regularly. It has lots to offer, including one of the friendliest online communities you'll find anywhere.

Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else
Extensive blog with lots of hard-to-find Christmas LP/45/78 shares.


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