A Lawrence Welk Christmas

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Salli Flynn (Vocal)


Singer also known as Sally Hart, was born in Ontario, OR on July 23, 1946 to a large family of brothers and sisters. Joined the Welk program in 1968 with BYU classmate Sandi Griffiths as part of the Sandi & Sally act...where it became one of the most popular musical acts EVER in the show's long history. Left in 1972 to pursue a solo career...married Welk guitarist and country singer Clay Hart. Made numerous television appearances, commercials, and hosted a cooking and home show with Clay....and they also co-owned a keepsack business. Sally lives in Cocoa Beach, FL with Clay and their dog Sadie. Sally, who still performs regularly, lists her favorite food is Fig Newtons.

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Featured Performer On:

The Little Drummer Boy

  -  Merry Christmas from Lawrence Welk - LP

I Wanna Do More Than Whistle

  -  22 Merry Christmas Favorites - CD
  -  Merry Christmas from Lawrence Welk - LP

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