A Lawrence Welk Christmas

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Bob Lido (Vocal)
(1914 - 2000)


Fiddler, vocalist and comic was born September 21st in Jersey City, NJ. Talented since he was a youngster....Bob started out locally with bands, doing solos around the area before winding up with Carmen Cavalaro's band as a featured performer. Later he moved up to Perry Como's Supper Club until he eventually joined Lawrence and the Champagne Music Makers in 1952. As the show's "speciality" man, he could play a mean violin....do tender ballads, country and jazz favorites and of course the comic skits. That would inspire Lawrence to revive his nostalgic Hotsy Totsy Band choosing Bob to be its' leader....and not suprisingly....became an instant hit with the fans! Sadly...Bob passed away from stroke complications on August 9, 2000....but still remains larger than life on Welk reruns.

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Featured Performer On:

Here Comes Santa Claus

  -  Merry Christmas from Lawrence Welk - LP

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