A Lawrence Welk Christmas

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A Lawrence Welk Family Christmas (VHS)

Year: 1995
Label: Welk Music Group
Catalog Number: 1423-3
Number of Tapes: 1
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Editor's Review

Perhaps it is unfair to criticize this production for lacking that certain "Welk charm". After all, Lawrence Welk's passing preceded the making of this program by 3 years. However, while the performances here are mostly solid, Lawrence's presence is badly missed. The simple folksy charm has been replaced by a degree of glam and glitter.

On the Welk television shows, there was always a certain sparseness (and squareness) that made for pleasurable viewing. The considerable talents of the soloists, the Lawrence Welk Singers, and the Champagne Music Makers never failed to shine through. Here, with a few exceptions, one finds it difficult discerning the talent beneath the kitsch.

That isn't to say that this video is without its merits, however. Norma Zimmer is as charming as ever as the show's hostess. The Lennon Sisters are always a joy to watch/listen to. And if you don't want to stand and cheer at the end of Jo Ann Castle's honky-tonk piano number, it would behoove you to check yourself for a pulse and call a doctor if necessary.

Overall, this video is worth having, but don't set your hopes too high on a nostalgic trip down Welk lane. The old footage from years (and, in some cases, decades) ago is touching, and the video might have benefitted greatly from having many more vintage clips than the few that are present here.

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