A Lawrence Welk Christmas

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Merry Christmas from Lawrence Welk (LP)

Year: 1956
Label: Coral Records
Catalog Number: CRL 57093
Number of Records: 1

Track Listing:

Side 1
1. Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!  Song Info 
2. I Wanna Do More Than Whistle  Song Info 
3. White Christmas  Song Info 
4. Christmas Island  Song Info 
5. The Christmas Toy  Song Info 
6. Santa Claus is Coming to Town  Song Info 

Side 2
1. Winter Wonderland  Song Info 
2. Christmas Dreaming  Song Info 
3. Christmas Comes But Once a Year  Song Info 
4. Thanks for Christmas  Song Info 
5. The Twelve Gifts of Christmas  Song Info 
6. High on a Housetop  Song Info 

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Album Notes

The following text is from the back cover of the album:

The wondrous enchantment of Christmas and the festive holiday season has been told in many ways and in many languages down through the ages. From the moving biblical stories to the immortal lines of Dickens' Christmas Carol, we have come to know and understand the true meaning of this most revered day.

However, our feelings as Americans towards Christmas in other than a religious vein, have been been told by Tin Pan Alley and the present day song writers. In their words and melodies they have truly captured the thoughts of children and adults during the Christmas season.

They have depicted the sheer excitement of children when they know Santa will soon be on his way - their angelic faces and well mannered behavior - the anticipation of shiny new toys and a stocking crammed with delicacies. Their music has expressed our warm feelings of brotherhood, and our heartfelt desire for good will among men. The longing thoughts that stem from Christmas spent away from loved ones to the crackling spirits of a bright fireplace, and the sparkling freshness of a newly fallen snow have found their way from their pens to our hearts and imaginations.

In this musical greeting from Lawrence Welk, he and his Champagne Music Makers have chosen a group of selections that are wholly representative of the American Christmas spirit. Whether you spend Christmas in the sunny climates of Southern California and Florida, or in the snow covered countrysides of Maine and Minnesota, Lawrence Welk extends to you best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season.

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